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iFXSI, which stands for “indicator, ForexSuperInvestor” is, as its name implies an indicator and not an expert.  The .ex4 extension results from the current version being a compiled indicator with the actual code not publically accessible.


(Your are now being provided the actual code and not a compiled indicator)


It’s also a work in progress and has not been either thoroughly backtested or forward tested. 


iFXSI is designed to generate buy and sell signals from a combination of currently available indicators for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.


The indicators are:


Coloured Woodies CCI


ZeroLag Stochastics and



In order to generate signals using iFXSI…  all 4 of the above indicators must be installed on your charts.  A sample template has been included in this zip file for your convenience.  If you have a version of ZeroLag Stochastics already in your MT4 indicator file, you should replace it with the one included in this zip file as a minor change has been made to it that improves iFXSI’s signals.


In addition,you must also install the iFXSI indicator.   All 5 (CCI, iTrend, ZLS, ADX and iFXSI) should be copied to the Program Files/MetaTrader/Experts/Indicator folder before opening MetaTrader.


The iFXSI.tpl template file should be copied to:  program filess/MetaTrader/template folder (Make sure you don’t install it to the MetaTrader/Experts/Templates folder).


Once all the indicators and the template file are copied to their proper folders. Start MT4, open a new chart, click on Templates and select iFXSI.  This will install all of the indicators and start generating signals.


An MT expert advisor, audible and popup signal notices will be added shortly.


(The EA has been added now, but only provides audible and popup alerts along with drawing entry and stop loss lines.)


This indicator and ea are being provided to the group in the hopes that they can be improved through the community.

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