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Adviser Lucky 2.4
(12.9 Kb)
As a result of a long process optimization, our team was released version 2.4 Adviser Lucky.

NOTE TO DESCRIPTION OF! There have been many changes.

Counselor, because of the indicators used in it, is sensitive to and taymfreymu traded currency. Ie he must trade for the currency pair PARTICULAR and OPREDELENNOM time frame. At those for which it is set. In this regard, the new version sets the parameters tool SYMBOL (default EURUSD) and the period PERIOD (default H1). This version does not depend on taymfreyma and symbol chosen at the chart, but still, for the correct swap stories, it is recommended to open the same symbol and taymfreym. Just short switch does not affect the timetable for its work. With the rest of the parameters exhibited by default, advisor also works very well in pairs USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF. At the pound and cross worse results. We should choose parameters.

At shorter time frames profitability adviser heavily dependent on the choice of broker. Since in the mode of rapid market Adviser minute trades constantly taking a minimum profit, it has a crucial role slipping, and the delay spread in the performance of the broker orders.


Large number of advisers sold online, at the tests show smooth and beautiful records. In real trade are beginning to discharge. This severely undermines the credibility of the traders to all advisers.

Believe team of experienced programmers to create adviser, who will be using the unfair methods to make a beautiful record, snap. No trader, even the most skilled, not passed prosadok periods.

The market is not predictable, in particular, but there are laws of the market .. Our adviser, like any real selling, has Drawdown. Let them you are not stretching. Learn DOVERYAT adviser. Unfortunately, because of the large number of parameters, and for a long time adviser poorly tested. Place for a month or two at the expense of democracy. Do not worry prosadok, look at the end result.

Seen? Now you can open a real account and trade. If afraid Market fixed for the start of Lotto (DefineLotMethod = 0) or when DefineLotMethod = 2 MM_Delta ask more, such as 4000. Then the adviser will sell 0.1 Lotto, will not achieve balance until 8000. Although it is beautiful and correct Money Management provides an opportunity to see an avalanche of capital growth, but with the increased risks.


If you do not trust our steytmentam, the work of the test itself. Test version 2.4 is a significant amount of time, but money to stand.

1. Get anywhere history dive.

2. Run MetaTrader (hereinafter MT). Click on the "Tools", "Settings" tab "Charts". Set in 'Hi. Bar of history "
Among the more, for example, enter 5000000 hands. Otherwise MT cuts in the history of the base. In this window, "Hi. Bars in the window" set too much, at least at the time of testing. Then, when the real work will stall, decrease. Click OK.

3. Go to "Tools" and "Archive quotations." Select the desired pair of left and double-clicking the desired taymfreyma open history. Click on the bottom right button "Import". The button "Review". In the box "Files of type" select "ASCII Text (if you jerks story in a format). Find the file and "Open". If a story appeared in the window, click OK, if not, change the separator. In short figure with a history of injection. If not - write.

4. Open minute schedule. Drag him Adviser of the browser window. Press F6. Make sure the adviser Lucky, a pair of proper contact, period M1 model "All nents. Not necessarily for speed, do not choose a model "At the opening prices, although MT plastic models and history itself, but it is better than a minute to enjoy history. The reliability test is the first concern. In any case, tick the box "Recount." Suddenly you there remained an old, short, history.
All. Click the button "Start" and wait.

5. If you want to change the parameters adviser, the front-button "Start," click "Internet expert" and set the necessary parameters.


SYMBOL = "EURUSD - Instrument trade. * If you ask, traffic will be open for pair in the chart.

PERIOD = 60 - Period trade in minutes (1, 5, 15, 30, 60, 240 ...). If set to 0, the trade will be carried out on schedule taymfreymu.

DefineLotMethod = 2 - Method for determining the amount of the lot.
0 - fixed Lotto game Equal Lots.
1 - the lot size is defined as the percentage of free margins depending on the amount ProcOfRisk, ie with the margin and ProcOfRisk 1000 --
3 sale of lots will be 0.3.
2 - a progressive method, in which the lot size is defined as 0.1 unit for every MM_Delta funds from the free margins, or MM_Delta equal when, for example 600 and the 1000 margin sell 0.1 Lotto. When the margins 1200, sell 0.2 lot, 1800 - 0.3, etc. But take into account the effect of the puncture and margins at the top elk. If the lot and traded 0.2 margin decreased to 1000, for example, it will still sell 0.2 lot.
K 0.1 Loto back if Drawdown margins reach 600 tugriks. In fact lots are complicated, but it is such a principle.
3 - New! Method Martingeyla. The first warrant presented Lotto equal Lots. If a warrant lose, the next lot doubles. And so on, until the warrant did not win another. The next order again exposed Lotto equal Lots.
When DefineLotMethod values different from 0, 1, 2 or 3, the method is 0, that is, and the fixed value of the lot is equal Lots.

MM_Lots = 0.1 - The value of orders in DefineLotMethod equal 0.

MM_Delta = 400 - Step margins for building lot with DefineLotMethod equal 2.

MM_Risk = 10 - Percentage to determine the value of the lot, with equal DefineLotMethod 1. Determine the value of the lot as a percentage of free margins. For example, at 10% and lot margin 3000 will be 0.3.

ProcOfClose = 85 - A deviation main indicator for the closing position. Selected testing. The smaller, the earlier closing open orders - losing profits. What is more, the latest - perederzhivaem position. Requires selection of the actual bidding. At any minute time frame for that is not affected.

Level = 80 - The level of 0 to 100 to confirm the trade decision. Requires selection of the actual bidding. At any minute time frame for that is not affected.

Koeff = 0.7 - parameter tweaking. It can vary from 0.6 to 0.95. Very chustvitelen on big time frames. Change in extreme cases. At any minute time frame for that is not affected.

CCIPeriod = 14 - Period Indicator CCI. Used to determine additional areas of bidding. One of the parameters influencing the result. Requires selection of the actual bidding and taymfreymov. At minute time frame is not used at all.

MAPeriod = 4 - Period of the taymfreyma moving averages. Used to determine additional areas of bidding. One of the parameters influencing the result. Requires selection of the actual bidding and taymfreymov. At minute time frame is not used at all.

Slippage = 3 - slipping.

StopLoss = 0 - Level stop lossa in points. If less than the allowable level set broker, the stop-loss is not.

TakeProfit = 0 - The level of take profit in points. If less than the allowable level set broker, the teyk-profit is not.

Trailing = 0 - Value trailing in points. If less than the allowable level set broker, it does not vedettsya trailing.

TrailStep = 10 - Step to pull trailing foot. If you put 0, then trailing will be on each item that clearly tired of your broker, and he would take steps.

NeedSignal = true - Logical option .. If true, then in the upper left corner of the schedule shown in bidding comments. Direction of Trade and values fundamental indicators. If false, it is not displayed.

NeedTorg = true - more option permits real trading. If true, the sale is authorized, if false, the only comments.

Good luck!
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