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Trading Strategy 2 JMA System.
(74.8 Kb)

  Tools EURUSD.
  Trade between 15M.
  Identification of resistance and natural podderzhek at 1H period.
  Used indicators - JMA (parameter 40, 80).

The first step-opening position.

I divide the conditions on several items:

1) Signal opens in the direction of moving lines (V buy, if fast, with the parameter 40, above a slow, with the parameter 80, respectively, to sell vice versa).
2) To signal on the trend, it is necessary that trend was very fresh, that is, in the present session.
Assume crossing lines were four hours in the morning, they played Asians. This trend can be used for strategy, because there is always a chance that the crowd will continue in the direction of the European session and further continue and the states. But not in any way signal not to open the old direction, such as day ago. Crowd probably forget the old direction and will soon swerve to the other side, but before this little pomotaetsya (At such times, a high probability that both razvorotny warrant will be closed on foot when open position on the old trends) before you choose a direction.
3) If the intersection of sliding occurred in the morning hours (from 03:00 to 12:00 on MSK), it can be opened only after the rollback happens to a slow rolling (Closing candles not far from the slow moving than the 15 points), or if the price is already near, or even much lower than the average. The same morning at the intersection has another rule: if the market is quiet and weak JMA slope, after crossing can be opened only at the close of the seventh bars, not counting the bar, which happened at the intersection, and if a dramatic breakthrough and JMA pronounced slope, the open to be closed (or immediately if the price bar is very close to a slow rolling, 10 - ty items or less) 5 - the first bar.
4) When crossing sliding after 12:00, must be opened immediately to close the bar, which happened at the intersection, but the price should not be beyond the 25 items from JMA slow. If the price of JMA more than 25 items, the rollback wait and buy immediately in fulfilling the conditions to wait for the closure otkatnogo necessarily bar, can be purchased immediately.
5) In all cases, opening a position, if JMA fast (with parameter 40) after crossing mainly directed against the constantly movement (against the direction of the intersection of the two lines specified) - then the signal to ignore.

  Example-to-5 - moo point.
  The second-step installation Stop loss and Take Profit. Stop loss rigidly fixed in 30 points, Take Profit at least 60 or more spruce allow natural resistance or support.

  Tritium-step installation expand warrant. At the opening position on the signal, immediately set razvorotny pending order (never put razvorotny warrant if a pending warrant for a signal, yet failed). On we need to justify the loss, if they are, from the first position. Price discovery pending order will be the same as the first Stop loss position, pending order Stop loss set at the opening of the first position, it will also be equal to 30 points. Take Profit expand warrant vystavlyaem little more than Stop loss ranked 40 points. Razvorotny warrant withdraw only when Stop loss at the first position of profit.
  The fourth step-management trelling foot. If floating profit of 30-49 points, transfer Stop loss in 3 points profit. If floating profit of 50 items postpone a stop in 10-point profit if 60 points in 20 etc. respectively. Naturally, dragging foot in profits razvorotny warrant to remove.
If the transaction is not completed, then at the end of the second trading day, or at the conclusion of trading week (at the weekend), to close the position at about 22:00 on the WSC.
Alarms best track from 8:30 to 17:00 on the WSC.
          Identification of resistance and podderzhek.
  First what you must learn to identify and support the resistance. Look at (figure 1) there is a sliding JMA (25 - periodnaya, sliding can be applied any, of your choice), and it helps to more accurately determine the natural levels. Define levels fairly easily turn (arc) is sliding and exemplary levels (accuracy to the point of not compulsory). Why is used to determine the sliding, yes because at the price of turning a lot of those (noise) the effectiveness of this definition, the level is much lower than that of sliding.
  Found resistance and support will help you to flexibly manage, in our case, a profit, not to wait for more of the market and is not likely to lose revenue. Profit is not necessarily stand right on the level, do not forget about the noise, so you can go for support or resistance max 20 points. Even if any level has been a real obstacle for the price, the price (usually at the tail bar period where you have defined level) may By, go to the level of 20 points (for 1H period).
Office of profit includes logic, and even the circumstances, that is, : What is the trend in what he force, or what can we expect some correction after strong growth failure, or how long passed price for today's session and whether it had enough force to break the next level? etc. All of this is not exactly raspishesh on the rules, the case experience.

            Explain examples.

Example 1 (Figure 1, Figure 2) 06,02,2005.

  Pay attention, crossing lines happened during the Asian session, it means a fresh trend. As you can see, there rollback directly to the very slow JMA. I prochertil line purchase to close 9 - ty hour bar (on MSK) (noting Spread), of course, you can buy and at the time, which I recommend tracking signals, the price would be not much different from the price, which is shown in the example (Fig.1).
So, the basic position: buy 1.2196 stop 1.2166 profit 1.2286.
Razvorotny warrant: sell stop 1.2166 stop 1.2196 profit 1.2126
Razvorotny warrant in this operation because I have not shown it is not needed.

Let us a challenge, on what grounds I posed a profit of 90 items 1.2286.
Look at Figure 2, there are several levels listed one of whom is a clear obstacle to our position (1,2303) until it no no apparent obstacles, so that profit can stand up to the level. But why I put profit slightly lower level, but because there is always a small chance that the price may miss up to the level of a little while sharply roll back (or make a strong correction), which is fraught with trelling foot. And because 90 points of profit, even very good, the reliability of 10 paragraphs can be sacrificed.
The position was closed in the same session. The profit amounted to 90 p.
Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Example 2 (Fig.3, Fig.2) 06,03,2005.

  In this example, the intersection has been sliding in the late Asian and early European session. Assume now you stood before 08:30 yesterday and began tracking signals. But once the signal is not open, do not forget that after crossing will have to wait at least 7 closing - the first bar. I checked his little blue circle (Fig.3). No, wait for the closure of the seventh bar, we see that the price went very far from the moving average. We are waiting for rollback, which satisfies the rule (Figure, I marked in red area, from which one can buy, but do not forget that the only bar to close, so no pending orders).
So, we showed great disservice closure candles. Candle significantly lower JMA slow, but because crossing lines has not changed, the rules meet all the conditions.

So, the basic position: buy 1.2240 stop 1.2210 profit 1.2310.
Razvorotny warrant: sell stop 1.2210 stop 1.2240 profit 1.2170
Razvorotny warrant in this operation because I have not shown it is not needed.

  Figure 3.

Explain why I put profit slightly higher level. If the price goes up after such a severe correction, which has been buying, it is likely the level of penetration and a very strong likelihood of false breakdowns of noise. Zamete what I put profit above Height is not the bar, which shadow Breaks level to a large white candle.

The position was closed in the same session. The profit amounted to 70 p.

Example 3 (Figure 4, Figure 2) 06,07,2005.
  In this example, the signal came at the peak of the European session. That trend, which saw the early morning, was still in the past days, so it ignored (the intersection of the old trends in the picture absurdity Fig.4). The new crossing moving averages were quite impulsive, and the angle was very pronounced, so I opened the position on the closure of 5 - second bar (Although could not wait for the closure of the bar and opened it, the price has been code very close to a slow rolling).
Profit I set big enough, because if the beat level, it can go By a strong movement, and the two trading days this well enough. As you can see, short expecting profit of 30 floating-point, but I did not stop because postponed earnings at 30 points went to catch (the price is not strengthened in the area where this poluchalas profit at the level of 1,2312). After the rollback movement continued, beginning with the next session. When the price reached in the 1.2350 mark, I moved trelling stop at 1.2312, not wait until the price increase there, because went explicit movement.


So, the basic position: buy 1.2282 stop 1.2252 (changed at 1.2312) 1.2382 profit.
Razvorotny warrant: sell stop 1.2252 stop 1.2282 profit 1.2212
Full razvorotny warrant in this operation because I have not shown it is not needed, but said its profit in the picture, a blue horizontal line (Even if you do not use trelling stop, it would be justified razvorotny warrant losses).
  The position closed on trelling foot. Profit p. 30
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